Millennial voters and the GOP

In yet another proclamation of stupidity, the Leftist “think tanks” NDN and the New Policy Institute state (in today’s Detroit News):

Their unity of opinion and their numbers will make millennials’ preferences for economic activism, a nonintrusive approach to social issues by government at any level and a multilateral interventionism by America in foreign affairs the policy paths to political success during the next decade.

Millennials have been reared with a desire to serve their community, and the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act provides them an opportunity to do just that, while at the same time dealing with their single biggest financial worry — the high cost of a college education.

Millennials also are experiencing higher levels of unemployment than any other generation. They expect the federal government to take an active role in fixing that problem and support redistributing income if necessary.

Polls consistently show millennials are more committed to environmental protection than any generation in American history, willing to sacrifice economic growth or endure higher prices in order to save the planet. Given the millennials’ overwhelming concern with the environment, House Minority Leader John Boehner’s comments recently that carbon dioxide isn’t a real threat because "we all breathe it out" and, besides, "cows give out a lot of gas too," went beyond inanity into the realm of political suicide.

Sorry guys.  The reason you see this behavior in your carefully crafted polling sample is due to the fact that an accurate portrayal of American History and Government has not been taught in the Public Schools for the last 70 years.  What has been taught is that America is evil, that American Government must be all powerful because it’s members intent is only benevolent, and that the Evil Rich (except those on the Left, like the Kennedys, Kerry, Clinton, Soros, and just about any movie “star” you can name) must be stripped of their wealth, by the “beneficent government” and redistributed to the “poor” – with the definition of “poor” being those who vote to keep the Left in power and who want to be child-like wards of the state.

The Millennials have conveniently not been  taught that their parents and every small business are the targets of this Leftist rage against the “Evil Rich”.  They have not yet been taught, or learned, that the destruction of the middle class (which is what the Left seeks) will destroy the Country.

However, you made EXACTLY the same predictions about the Baby-Boomers back in the ‘70s.   But they have rejected your Fascist State paternalism and learned that they must fend for themselves, Small Business (and Middle Class it defines) must be retained and the government can only be counted on to try to gather more power unto itself while emptying our wallets.  They know every re-distributionist state on the planet has failed and know that form of government cannot work.  If it did, North Korea and Cuba would be the dominant economic powers in the world – which, of course, they are not.

What the Conservatives MUST DO is precisely the antithesis of what you demand.   They must not commit suicide by becoming the Fascist Left Light.  They must find a better way to help the Millennials understand the horrible consequences of the Marxism and slavery you wish to have them implement versus the ennobling realities provided by Capitalism and Freedom.

So, just like the Baby-Boom generation, the Millennials, as they mature into intellectual rationality and political reality, will revert back to the small impact, limited government that was envisioned by the Founders.  The Millennials are not as stupid as you would have us believe.

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