Obama continues on his quest to make sure you can’t afford a car – Tailpipe controls, 35.5-mpg standard set for ’16

In today’s Detroit News, David Shepardson / Detroit News Washington Bureau (renowned for being a lying mouthpiece for the Federal Government) states that:

The Obama administration will unveil tough national tailpipe emissions limits and mileage requirements today, forcing automakers to dramatically boost the efficiency of vehicles by 2016 and reshaping what Americans will drive.

By 2016, passenger cars must average 39 miles per gallon and light trucks 30 mpg. A senior administration official said the proposal will boost the price of the average price of a vehicle by $1,300 — or $600 more than the per vehicle increase predicted under a Bush administration fuel efficiency proposal.

Once again Shepardson proves himself to be a liar.

The average total accounted cost increase per vehicle will be $3,900, not the $1,300 materials cost he (and the government) use to fool the public.

So we continue down the path with unnecessary auto emissions changes and absurd, ineffective CAFE standards – all designed to place cars out of the financial reach of the average citizen and force them to live in tightly compacted urban centers where they are easily controlled.

Enjoy your walk to work.

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