Obama Wants to “Protect You” Even More

Where does it end?

In today’s Detroit News, there was an article entitled: AP sources: White House mulls regulatory panel

The proposal the administration was considering would centralize the enforcement of laws that protect consumers of financial products, such as credit cards, mortgages and mutual funds. That effort currently is spread across a number of federal and state agencies, including the Federal Reserve, the SEC and the Federal Trade Commission.

Under one possible approach, some federal banking agencies might be combined and some powers over consumer products might be consolidated into a new body.

A leading proponent of the commission approach has been Harvard University professor Elizabeth Warren, who currently is serving as the head of the Congressional Oversight Panel for the government’s $700 billion financial rescue effort.

Warren argued in a 2007 article that the government needed to do a better job of protecting homeowners who take out mortgages and consumers of other increasingly complex financial products.

To summarize, Obama et al believe (as is one of the fundamental tenets of the Liberal lexicon) that you are too stupid to protect yourself against those eeeeevvviiilll financial product companies.

I’m not and I don’t believe you are either.  Tell your Senators and Representative to leave you alone and stop “protecting” you to the point that we all wind up in padded rooms so there is no possible way we can harm ourselves.

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