Colon Powell – Stealth Liberal

In the 24May09 copy of the Politico, Colin Powell demonstrates an attribute that is typical to the Fascist Left.  He is trying to re-define the term “Republican” (and by inference “Conservative”) to meets his world-view.

Now, as a Liberal, Powell:

  • Worships government
  • Believes government is the provider of our rights and liberties
  • Tolerates God as a sop to the “mud people” (Liberal speak for us common folk) upon whom he depends for money and power
  • Is parasitically attached to the “Human Creators” of American Industry since he (and his supporters) are incapable of economically productive creative thought.

He wants to redefine “Republican (and “Conservative”)” to meet those criteria.

However, in reality “Conservatives”, like Adams, Jefferson, Madison, Reagan,  Limbaugh, Hannity and me:

  • Worship God
  • Thank God daily for the liberties He has bestowed upon us
  • Tolerate government since, as Madison put it, "If all men were angels there would be no need laws much less for government,"
  • Believe in the beauty of Individualism and its ability to ennoble all of Humanity through the action of the “Human Creators” from whom all economic progress flows.

So, with his “big tent” approach, what is Powell doing?  He’s trying to turn all the citizens away from the basis precepts of our government and our country, like those found in the Declaration of Independence, for example.:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

And replace them with:

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that some people are created equal (with some. like government employees and the Anointed Political Class (and their well endowed financial supporters) (i.e. the APC) being more equal than others), that they are endowed by their government with certain transient Rights (again,with some, like homosexuals and the APC having more rights others) , that among these are Life (for those older than 2 years old and younger than 80 years old, with exclusions for the unborn, and the infirm (whose treatment to sustain their lives would not be cost effective (as judged by the the APC)).  With all excluded classes being subject to euthanasia for spare body parts or to reduce medical costs), Liberty (except for those who offend the the APC), and the guarantee of equal outcomes of misery for those not in the APC.

That’s Colon Powell’s definition of a Republican!  That’s Colon Powell’s World View!  That’s Colon Powell’s view of nirvana!

That’s MY definition of a Liberal!

That’s MY definition of HELL – to which I graciously invite Colon Powell to visit, permanently.

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