Judicial discretion – Fix Michigan’s juvenile lifer law to give judges leeway in sentencing

More insanity from the Detroit News Editorial Staff.

The New states:

Mandatory minimum sentencing laws eliminate one of the cornerstones of the justice system: judicial discretion. Michigan’s juvenile lifer law is perhaps the most egregious example, casting minors convicted of first-degree murder to life behind bars without the possibility of parole.

Why do these people always ignore the egregious examples set by the violence done to the victims of these thugs?

200 years ago, when children (i.e. humans less than 18 years old) actually acted as children (in a much less densely populated society) judicial discretion might have had some merit, since most child-like activity was essentially harmless.

However, in today’s REAL WORLD (not the delusional "Andy Hardy, long ago world" the News believes still exists) there are pre-teen children who are hardened criminals charged and convicted with multiple counts of assault, battery, rape, home invasion, and murder.

Now, according to the News, we should continue to live in the delusional, "Andy Hardy" world and view these hardened criminals as merely babes in arms who didn’t really mean to invade someone’s home, rob them, rape and then murder them.

The reason the crime rate has been reduced over the past 10 – 20 years is precisely due to the Legislature taking away judicial discretion since the Judges refused to exit the delusional, "Andy Hardy" world and treat these criminals as the hardened criminals they are.

I would suggest that any "children" of this type who are provided judicial discretion in sentencing be required to be assigned to the judges who sentenced them, or the Detroit News editors who support this insanity, as foster children.

If the Detroit News Editorial Staff and the Judges in Michigan support Judicial discretion in sentencing, they should "put their money where their mouths are" and expose themselves to the consequences of their advocacy.

I doubt they have the courage to do so.

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