Alice is a Dictator

In a recent column in Ward’s Autoworld, Jerry Flint states:

“Curiouser and Curiouser” is a Phrase from “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,” but now also describes Washington’s direction of Detroit.

We know the Obama Admin. believes bigger government is better government. But when it comes to Detroit, it believes Detroit auto makers must get smaller and smaller to survive. Every action is aimed at shrinking Chrysler and General Motors, even though this is contrary to everything we know about the automotive business.

I want GM and Chrysler to reorganize and come back stronger. But the way things are looking now, I keep thinking of that Cheshire cat vanishing quite slowly until all that’s left is the grin.

Note to Jerry:  Obama is an angry totalitarian who came out of the political nether world, rolled the Clinton’s (and the Democrats – too), lied continuously before, during and after the election and enchanted the masses (like the Cheshire cat) with a mantra of “change, change, change – all we need to do is give change a chance …”

You have to remember, Lenin and the Bolsheviks did the same thing in Russia in the early 20th Century.  They overthrew and murdered the Mensheviks (an elected government that was dedicated to a Parliamentary form of government like that in England), enchanted the masses with a mantra of “change, change, change”, and what did the Russians wind up with?  Arguably worse slavery than they ever experienced under the Czar (one of Obama’s favorite titles).

Well, now we see the changes Obama had in mind for us, and they look remarkably like those imposed by Obama’s Comrade Lenin, with the exception of Obama’s affectation for the title of Czar.

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