Sarah Palin and 2012

Nolan Finley, in today’s Detroit News, makes the bold statement:

Sarah Palin is not what the Republican Party needs as it struggles to come back from oblivion.

Palin is damaged goods. The Republican Party elevated her well before she was ready, and without fully vetting her ability to withstand the brutality of a presidential campaign.

Palin is attractive, appealing and intelligent, despite what David Letterman and his late night comedian cohorts tell you. With more seasoning, she might have given Republicans the sort of makeover they need to woo a new generation of voters.

But she wasn’t ready for the role assigned to her as John McCain’s running mate. She was a disaster on the campaign trail, and is no more likely to recover than Dan Quayle was two decades ago when he endured a similar savaging.

Choosing Palin as their go-to person will signal that Republicans are still controlled by social conservatives who are increasingly out of touch with the nation’s mainstream.

Once again Finley exposes his worship of government as his deity of choice. He repeats the inane bromides that there are "social conservatives" and "fiscal conservatives". Palin knows that is ridiculous.

You are either a Conservative (a person who embraces the original intent of the founders – i.e. a constitutionally limited, small government where rugged individualism and individual responsibility is the norm) or a non-Conservative (a person who worships government as god, expects it to encompass all aspects of society and expects it to provide them with everything they need to live the "good life" while they sit back and parasitically live off the hard work of their fellow citizens). That’s why he doesn’t like Palin.

Remember, Finley (and his Liberal fellow travelers) was equally derisive about Reagan when he first set his sights on the Presidency.

Palin is cut from the same mold as John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and the rest of our founders – i.e. their vision of government is one of extremely limited scope, no intrusion in the lives of its citizens, and little to no ability to make us dependent on them.

Finley still chooses to ignore the Reaganism of "Government is not the solution to our problems. Government IS THE PROBLEM!" Palin embraces Reaganism and the views of the founders are the correct way to view our society and the direction we need to move before we become totally corrupted – as have the countries in Europe.

With Obama assuming the role of a tyrannical dictator, and moving us at a terrifying speed toward a Socialist State (or even a cult of personality and a real dictatorship) like those failures in Europe, Sarah Palin is the right person, at the right time, with the right message.

Palin’s message is: "We must scale back government to its original intent and return control of the country to its citizens. Rugged individualism and individual responsibility must be the role model and norm for our citizens. We cannot model ourselves after the failed Socialistic Governments of Europe. We must not abrogate our rights to a collection of overeducated, pinheaded bureaucrats in Washington who increasingly believe they know what’s best for us because we’re too stupid to control or manage our own lives and that of our families."


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