Shepardson Does It Again

In today’s Detroit News, David Shepardson (Liberal sycophant and Government propagandist who claims to be a “reporter”) whines:

New GM has hard road to revival

Management revamp in works; feds’ sale of shares will take years

General Motors Corp., fresh from winning court approval to sell its most profitable assets and speed its emergence from bankruptcy, now faces the hard part: relaunching as a smaller, more nimble and profitable company

Once again David Shepardson pens a disingenuous (at best, a complete fabrication at worst) article about the Government and it’s consumption of the auto industry.

The Liberals (Democrats and Republicans) cannot afford to let the "new GM" fail. To that end they will apply the (rapidly diminishing) supply of taxpayer dollars to prop up this abomination – just like the Socialist Governments in Europe.

How else can you explain the continued existence of Fiat, Peugeot, and the other losers in Europe whose continued existence is due only to government subsidies and government imposed trade barriers?

The only "hardness" about the road to revival will be the club the Government uses to beat the necessary money out of the taxpayers.

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