Torture – Hypocrisy and the Need for Definitions

In today’s Detroit News, we find a bishop, an imam, and a rabbi pontificating on the topic of Abolish torture without exceptions.

That would be nice, except they never get around to defining an absolute standard for “torture”.

"Torture" is a totally subjective verb and is undefined and carelessly manipulated by this trio of hypocrites.

For example, Christians have been known, historically, to "hang, draw and quarter" – i.e. hang a person by their neck until they are almost dead, disembowel them while they are still conscious, and then rip them (again while still alive) into quarters by attaching each limb to one of 4 horses and having them all pull in separate directions. Burning at the stake is another form of torture used by Catholics, as are the rack, the “Iron Maiden”, and many others.

Muslims torture people by cutting off their hands, feet or gouging out eyes or, as the Hussein brothers did in Iraq, establishing rape rooms and running their prisoners through industrial shredding machines. They also have been known to employ the "hang, draw and quarter" methodology.

Jews tortured people by stoning, beating them with heavy rods or pressing them under heavy rocks.

These are specific examples of "torture" and are what are needed to remove the subjective application of the "evil" connotation of the word torture and provide it with real meaning. Otherwise, as I said previously, the concept of "torture" is totally subjective and as such is a totally useless concept.

Slamming detainees into walls, placing them in "cramped confinement" in coffin-like boxes and placing insects in the confinement box and the use of "waterboarding" do not meet the historical standards for torture as defined previously.  These actions may be ill-mannered behavior, but they are not torture.

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