It’s Not Cool to be Cool

July ends as one of coolest ever for Michigan is the headline for an article in today’s Detroit News.

I’ll not go into a global warming rant but here are some salient facts:

North Dakota has also had a cool summer. So cool that the farmers are worried that their wheat crops will not ripen in time to be harvested before winter sets in.

This sets up the possibility of severe food shortages and extreme inflation in basic food products, both in the US and across the planet.

We are in an Interglacial Period (no matter what algore says) which is a time of global warming before the next ice age. We NEED global warming to prevent crop failures, planetary hunger and the ensuing chaos they will cause.

Since I don’t believe in anthropogenic climate change (even the IPCC ‘scientists’ admit their models are incomplete or wrong), it is not clear to me how we accomplish this. But, we must at least prepare genetically modified, rapidly ripening strains of wheat, corn, barley, hops (can’t do without beer!) and other basic foodstuffs before it’s too late.

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