Let’s Make A Deal

In today’s Detroit News we have the latest installment on the Governor Jennifer Granholm’s ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ saga which is supposed to blow Michigan up (whoops, she actually said ‘blow Michigan away’ ).

It seems that Jenny wanted to grease the palms of one of her major campaign contributors (Joel Ferguson) so she insisted that the State Police needed a new headquarters building and awarded the contract (for 40 –100 mill dollars) to Ferguson.  The State Police said they neither needed nor wanted the new building but Jenny want to get the cash to Ferguson so she jammed the new building down the throat of the State Police.

Now, the State Legislature is balking at proceeding with the final stages of development and occupation of the building.

Joel Ferguson, a politically connected development partner for the project (and Jenny’s bag man), insists he isn’t worried about the move not happening. Ferguson is a long-time Democratic activist and donor, and his partner on this project, Gary Granger, is a major contributor to Republicans.

Just goes to show that thieves and crooks are independent of party affiliation.

Mike Moorman, president of the Michigan State Police Troopers Association, said the union wouldn’t have any objections to the new headquarters building in more prosperous times. But he questioned spending money on a new headquarters when state budget woes have forced the layoff of 100 troopers. "What is the greater priority, a building that doesn’t respond to emergency calls, or 100 troopers spread across this state who can do things for people?" he said.

Amazing. A Union that doesn’t just want to rape the taxpayers – and he’s fully correct in his thinking.

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