Socialists Never Learn

In today’s Detroit News, we find Michael J. Wilson, a national director of Americans for Democratic Action America’s largest and oldest independent liberal lobbying organization, whining that the Obama Gestapo should “Force big business to pay fair share of taxes”.

Wilson is a Socialist idiot (just like Obama, BTW).

Businesses don’t pay any taxes, no matter what tax rate or tax laws the government imposes on them – their customers, bond holders, and stock holders do.  So, if you pass a 10% increase in taxes on a business, customers pay 10% more for the product and bond and stock holders (mostly older people on fixed incomes) get a 10% reduction in their income – irrespective if they are upper, middle, or poor classes.

So, Obama’s attack on business "loopholes" is just another example of his breaking his ("I won’t raise any taxes on the middle class, not one thin dime") promise.

The Joker/ Socialism posters that have spread across the country properly portray Obama – an evil man who would be king.

Oh yeah.  Don’t forget to report me to the Obama KGB at since I spoke ill of Obama.

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