Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?

In today’s Detroit News, we find that the evil bankrupt auto suppliers are seeking to pay bonuses to retain key personnel.

Predictably we find the sainted government bureaucrats (who have destroyed the auto industry in this country) making statements like this (from Diana G. Adams, a U.S. trustee):

Considering the condition of the automotive industry and the adverse effect on auto suppliers, it is unclear why payments are even needed to retain employees who may have limited options to find employment elsewhere," in objecting to a plan by Lear Corp.

Where have we previously heard this kind of viciousness expressed toward the unfortunate members of our society?  Does this ring a bell?:

"Are there no prisons? Are there no workhouses?" said Ebenezer Scrooge in ‘A Christmas Carol’ by Dickens

Apparently Ms. Adams (who was unavailable for comment on her statements) is preparing the way for the next phase of Obama’s plan for America.  Destroy all industry and either imprison or enslave the remaining population.

Ebenezer would be proud of Ms. Adams and Mr. Obama.

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