A Frightening Editorial in Today’s Detroit News

In today’s Detroit News, Froma Harrop intones “Failure to depend health reform will doom Democrats

From the article:

“Older people will see that nothing they care about in Medicare has changed. They might even find themselves enjoying new benefits included in current legislation: a gradual phasing-out of the drug benefit’s "doughnut hole" and no co-payments or deductibles for colonoscopies and other preventive-care screenings. "

"Failure is not an option for Democrats. But weakening reform’s punch to draw lukewarm Republican support on legislation won’t help them much, either. Case in point is the "public option," which special interests with a stake in the dysfunctional status quo want to strangle in the worst way.

The public option is designed to control health care costs — essential to the profitability of American business and workers’ raises. It would compel private insurers to spend more premium dollars on actually delivering health care. (And private competitors would force the public option to keep up on benefits.)"

Yeah, and all these cost savings and improvements will be due to the termination of end of life care and the removal from the health care system of those whose continuing existence is not "cost effective" – as determined by Obama’s examination of the data already required in the "Stimulus Bill".  Certainly the costs of the health care systems in Germany, Russia, and China were significantly reduced as they enslaved and murdered their “not cost effective” citizens.

So, say goodbye to your parents, grandparents, special needs children, the unborn in the womb and the rest of those whose treatment will be deemed "not cost-effective for society" by Obama’s accountants and whose treatment will be withheld – effectively euthanizing the patients of the healthcare system that have the highest cost impact.


Failure for a "public option" may not be an option for the Democrats, but its need to be imposed on the citizens of the country is more likely caused by its essential role in saving money and reducing resistance to Obama through the euthanasia of the high-cost segments of our society and those that are most likely to be Conservative.

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