More Obamacare – A Governmental Coup via an Unconstitutional Exercise of Government Power

In a September 3,. 2009 Editorial in the Detroit News, Dr. Herbert C. Smitherman Jr attempts to defend Obamacare by stating

“Let facts, not fiction improve health care”

Well, the good doctor fails to mention some of the most important facts, to wit:

The most important issue of this whole debate, and one that is carefully avoided by Obama and his supporters, is that the 10th Amendment to the Constitution (which clearly states that the Federal Government Powers are limited to those specifically stated in the Constitution) forbids the Federal Government from taking over the national health care system – because the power to perform this takeover has not been given to the Federal Government.

If Obama and the rest of his Left Wing extremists want to take over the health care system, they should use the process provided in the Constitution, that is by amending it, rather than by forcing a political coup where they seize this power by force – which is their current plan of action.

From the editorial:

For those who are insured and feel that this issue does not affect them, they are terribly wrong. They pay a high price for the uninsured — through higher premiums for employees and employers.

When the uninsured get sick or terribly ill, they end up in emergency rooms. Avoidable ER visits and hospitalizations cost the health care system 10 to 20 times more than if they would have had access to basic primary care early on.

This is only caused by Federal Law that forces hospitals to treat anyone who appears in their ER, regardless of ability to pay.


They have no "right" to use the government to steal money from taxpayers to provide them ANYTHING. If people care so much about illegal aliens they should use their own money to pay for their care.

Once again the author of this article uses the absurd "47 million uninsured Americans" blather. As noted above, 12.6 million of those are illegal aliens. In addition 8.4 million are ages 18 – 25 and believe they are indestructible so they don’t want to pay for insurance. 9.4 million are between jobs and are temporarily uninsured. 8 million are children who are covered but their parents have yet to sign them up. 3.5 million are eligible for government health programs but have yet to sign up. The remaining 5 million are wealthy and are self insured.

Too bad the author of the article, like most proponents of Obama’s Health Care Coup use fiction, not facts to make their arguments.

The rest of the article is equally false and/or misleading but I’ve made my point.

Obama and his sycophants like Smitherman have only one goal, unconstitutional government control, by a governmental coup, over the private medical healthcare system. This is wrong, illegal, and unconstitutional.

If they are so convinced the need exists, then they should seek to amend the Constitution, not piss on it.

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