A recession is NOT a time to raise taxes

In today’s Detroit News, we find an article entitled “Led by Democrats, state House passes revenue bills”.

First of all, I find the continuous use of the term ”reveneue” to mask the true action being taken (i.e. tax or fee increases) to be disgusting and disingenuous.  The Democrats continuously attempt to pervert our vocabulary, in this case trying to use a term for EARNED money, when they really mean tax and/or fee increases where Government is pilfering money from the citizens who have actually EARNED it.

To continue:

  1. The Democrats whine about healthcare being too expensive but then make it more expensive by adding a 3 percent tax on physician services …
  2. The Democrats whine about the enormous exodus of people and business from Michigan, and the concomitant lack of new business, but then make the cost of living (and doing business) in Michigan more expensive by:
    • freezing the personal exemption from the income tax.
    • reducing tax credits for businesses
  3. The Democrats also claim they are very worried about the "poor" but then do their best to make the "poor", "poorer" by:
    • raising taxes on tobacco products
    • lowering the tax credits for low-income families

Only in the unfathomable insanity that passes for "thinking" in the Democrat Party would these actions be viewed as "logical" or "consistent" with their stated "mandates".

These actions prove the Democrats have no Core Values beyond:

  1. growing the size, and scope, of Government
  2. ensuring they retain their position and power in that Government.

A recession is NOT a time to raise taxes.

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