Only pay for health care that works

David A. Hyman and Charles Silver editorialize today that we should only pay for health care that “works”, whatever “works” means (emphasis added).  They never bother to discuss if their thesis eliminates new, untested treatment options since, by definition they have not been shown to work, but I digress. 

They do attempt to eviscerate Christian Scientists because, horrors of horrors, Christian Science practitioners charge for their services at rates comparable with those of “real” health care providers (emphasis added) but again, I digress.

It is VERY INTERESTING that Hyman and Silver do not mention the Federal, break the bank, TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program) program anywhere in their article.

A major portion of TARP is the collection and computerization of ALL medical records for ALL citizens of the US by the GOVERNMENT. The GOVERNMENT will then decide which treatments work best and which do not. The GOVERNMENT will then dictate to the medical providers and patients which treatments they may have and which will not be allowed – UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

There will be NO OPTION to go outside the GOVERNMENT specified treatment and pay for the treatment yourself, even if you can afford it.

So, Hyman’s and Silver’s statement:

"Congress seems bent on imposing an individual mandate. If so, it should impose a strict efficacy requirement as well. Congress’ rule should be: No governmental payments or insurance mandates for any goods or services not proven to work. Christian Scientists and others who want ineffective, unnecessary, or unproven services will still be able to get them."

is disingenuous at best, a dangerous deception at worst.

Indeed, when Obama Care is fully implemented, the Hyman-Silver Rule WILL result in DEATH PANELS because the efficiency of treatment, as determined BY THE GOVERNMENT, will be the basis upon which ANY further treatment will be allowed.

People will be allowed to die because the GOVERNMENT chooses to let them die in order to save money.

In addition, this whole mess (the so called "Medical Crisis") started during World War II when the unions threatened to strike, due to wage controls imposed by the government, so companies mollified the unions by providing benefits like health care. This was a treasonous action by the unions then and must be undone now.

The best solution to the so called "Medical Crisis" is to not allow employers to pay for medical benefits to their workers.

Workers who currently receive health care benefits should have the cost, to the employer (inclusive of the tax benefits that accrue to the employer), added to their wages and then have the benefits terminated.

Then, once the workers have control of their own health insurance money, current, idiotic Federal and State regulations, such as not allowing workers to pool their insurance coverage, not allowing insurance companies to operate across multiple states and not allowing "Cafeteria plans" must be eliminated. This would provide mechanisms for workers to aggregate their coverage’s, introduce more competition, and be selective about what specific coverage’s they want (e.g. a 65 year old couple does not need coverage for pregnancy or well baby care) and thus obtain lower rates for the coverage they want and/or need.

In addition, severe limitations on Tort Actions against health providers must be implemented. The current parasitic behavior of the legal profession against medical care providers (as well as other industries) must be reduced or eliminated. The cost of these parasites to society far outweighs any benefits they provide.

The Tort Laws should be rewritten so that anyone who is truly harmed (i.e. physically injured) due to a defect in a product and can prevail in court, can recover medical and lost wage damages from the defendant. None of this silly mental anguish or psychic trauma or other nonsensical items should be allowed to form a basis for a Tort action nor should they be considered in assessing any damages against the defendant.

The insurance companies should then be compelled to reduce their rates for medical malpractice insurance to a level which is rational.

These changes will reduce medical costs by doing the following:

1) Put the customer in control of their own money and the decision on how (or if) to spend it.

2) Severely reduce the need for "defensive medicine" and the cost to the medical industry for their defensive insurance.

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