Wall’s fall defeats killing ideology (Det News 03Nov09) by Paul Hollander

In today’s Detroit News, Paul Hollander writes an excellent article about the fall of the Berlin Wall and the resulting disintegration and defeat of Soviet communism.

It’s a compelling article.

I have family and friends that escaped from Hungary in the 50’s and their recounting of the events they experienced only reinforces the absolute correctness of Hollander’s article. They also describe the physical torture that they had to endure due to their outspoken disagreement with the State. One favorite choice was beating the soles of the feet with rubber hoses until they were bloody and lacerated and then forcing the person to walk back to their cell in which they were confined.

They were not provided medical care for their injuries.

Too bad that the people of the United States do not comprehend that Obama and his sycophants are Marxists whose doctrine of class struggle provides ideological support for mass persecution, demonization, torture and elimination of anyone who dares to disagree with them. People are being persecuted not for what they do but for belonging to social categories that make them suspect.

Obama and his sycophant intellectuals believe capitalism is the root of all evil. There has been a long tradition of such animosity among Western intellectuals and Obama et al are violently perpetuating it.

Hollander states: "Soviet communism collapsed for many reasons, primary among these was the economic inefficiency that resulted in chronic shortages of food and consumer goods, and pervasive propaganda that routinely misrepresented the gap between theory and practice, promise and fulfillment."

The cause of this economic inefficiency was that the average citizen took the attitude of "why should I work?" The government has promised to provide me with an earthly utopia so I’ll just sit back and wait for it to appear – just like the promises Obama has made since elected. Unfortunately, instead of an earthly Utopia where all were equally well-off, Soviet communism provided an earthly Hell, where all were equally miserable (except the few that controlled the State).

It took 10 years after the reunification of Germany for the West Germans to overcome this attitude and motivate former East Germans to provide productive work. Similar behavioral patterns had to be overcome in all the former Soviet slave states.

This is the same result we have seen with the current US Welfare State (e.g. the "War on Poverty") and will continue to see with Obama if he is not stopped.

Hollander goes on to say: "The failure of Soviet communism confirms that humans motivated by lofty ideals are capable of inflicting great suffering with a clear conscience."

Obama and his sycophants have already demonstrated similar characteristics of Soviet communism in their demonization and attempted removal/ blacklisting/ blackmail of their opponents. Remember Rahm Emanuel’s comments about the doctors not supporting Obama care? He stated, "Well, then they can do their billing from the bottom of Lake Michigan."

Sounds like something Stalin would say to keep his people in line.

Hollander finally states: "But communism’s collapse also suggests that under certain conditions people can tell the difference between right and wrong."

Unfortunately it took 70 years of misery and millions of lives. Hopefully, the citizens of the US will get rid of, and undo the work of, Obama and his sycophants in a much, much shorter time scale.

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