Granholm Hides The Data Then Lies About The Budget

Michigan Governor Granholm claims: "Hiking tobacco tax, limiting loopholes, delaying exemption could restore education cuts"

Since Granholm and her cronies in the State Government refuse to make her proposed budget available for inspection on the Internet, she can make any claims she wishes with certain knowledge that her constituents do not have the facts to refute her assertions.

For example, we are expected to believe her statement that the reductions in essential services are necessary to balance the budget.  This is an all too familiar fear-mongering mentality designed to frighten citizens into doing what Government wants them to do.  Invariably, the Government lies about these reductions and, instead, refuses to cut back their pet projects which would resolve the issues and would have no impact on the citizens, just an impact on the political wallets and power.

Jennifer you have been shown previously to be a liar.  Remember your "No new taxes promise". Why should we believe you now?

Without actual publication of the ENTIRE State Budget, in all its gory detail, no-one can believe ANY claim made by Granholm or her supporters.

If I could have an electronic copy of the entire State Budget, I could easily get it in to a surplus situation for this year and the future, without cutting into ANY essential service.  However, Granholm et al know this and refuse to release the data to the public so we can refute her (intentionally terrifying) cuts in essential services and provide a benign alternative that would rescue the state from the economic malfeasance currently being perpetrated upon the people of Michigan while still maintaining the essential services government is supposed to provide.

I challenge Granholm to release this data for our use and I further challenge our representatives in the State Legislature to introduce the resulting budget which would resolve our State economic chaos.

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