Government Run Healthcare and “Cap and Tax”

Information I shared with my Congressman and Senators today:

1) I am extremely concerned about the recent, unconstitutional behavior of the Federal Government and its Leninist behavior in facilitating the government take-over of many private businesses.

You have no Constitutional authority to do this.  In fact, the 10th Amendment to the Constitution forbids it.

2) It seems the height of insanity to force people to spend $15,000 for health insurance or face a five year prison term. That’s the kind of behavior I would have expected from Stalin.

We have enough crowding of inmates in Federal prisons as it is.  If this provision makes it into law, the Federal Prison system will be overwhelmed by thousands of new prisoners.

Please don’t inflict this kind of tyranny on your constituents.

3) The so called "opt-out" function (so widely praised by Pelosi, Reid et al) is a red-herring.  You know the politics of most states will result in this not happening.

What the bill should contain is an opt-IN provision, where the States are automatically opted out unless their legislature passes, and their governor signs, specific legislation to "Opt In".

If you continue along your current Leninist trajectory, you can look forward to being a former senator.

Please vote against the Pelosi-Reid takeover and ultimate destruction of our health care system.

4) Also, please note that the most recent scientific data has exposed the mendacity of the small group of scientists and politicians who were using "global warming" or "climate change" to acquire more funding for their "research (the "scientists") and more power to control the economy (the politicians).  The real data shows that average global temperatures have actually been going down over the last 10 – 20 years.  The "global warming" models are a hoax – I should know.  I’ve been doing this kind of modeling for years.

Please reject the unnecessary "Cap and Trade’ (or Cap and Tax as it really portends) and do not burden American families with unnecessary, huge increases in their energy bills.

Thank you.

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