Dems and GOP should ditch populist addiction

David Brooks of the New York Times (NYT) claims, disingenuously, in the Detroit News, that Democrats and Republicans should ditch their populist addiction.

It is surprising an article like this would be written by a columnist at the NYT, given their own normally endless, hate spewing, populist rhetoric – that virtually ALWAYS is used to support "Progressive" causes and oratory.

The author’s admission that their might be "Populism" driving the "Progressives" (i.e. Democrats) is amazing, although his historical perspective is very myopic. The "Progressives" use of ‘Populism’ did not start with John Edwards.

‘Populism’ and the Marxist class struggle (workers against their management) are staples of the "Progressives" (i.e. Liberals). They have been used so effectively, since Woodrow Wilson, to attain totally destructive powers (e.g. the graduated income tax, the ENTIRITY of FDR’s ‘New Deal’, the ‘war’ on poverty, the ‘war’ on drugs, etc.) by the Federal and State Governments, it is unlikely the "Progressives" will EVER end its use.

However, he returns to true NYT form with his statement "The Republicans have their populists. Sarah Palin has been known to divide the country between the real Americans and the cultural elites." This is an absurdity but not surprising given the historical support the NYT has given ANY "Progressive" desire.

Palin’s focus has been, and will be, to minimize the impact the "Progressives" have had, and may have, on our country. She is trying to undo the destruction the "Progressives" have wrought and bring back a rational scope, size, power and taxation level to the Federal Government. Of course, this is an abomination to the NYT but, there it is …

Populism is nothing more than distilled hatred, greed and envy – the evil, baser instincts intrinsic to everyone. However, some of us realize that and control it, others do not. These base instincts are the drivers of the "Populist/ Progressive" movement. As long as they can be used as a successful ‘means to an end’, the "Progressives" will continue to use them.

Also, as an aside, Huey Long was a wickedly evil "Progressive" who, as a member of the Democrat Party, served as the 40th Governor of Louisiana from 1928 to 1932 and as a U.S. senator from 1932 to 1935 and was assassinated in 1935 by citizens of Louisiana who were tired of being ruled and robbed by Long’s government and wanted their liberty returned to them.

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