Granholm finally shows her muscle – by flogging the Taxpayers of Michigan

Granholm finally shows her muscle | | The Detroit News

"A Better Michigan Future, a coalition of labor groups and like-minded interests, is quietly talking with business leaders" (as if there are any suicidal businesses who would agree with this garbage) "about ways to cut their own "grand bargain" on taxes and structural reform that they could, in turn, persuade their friends in the Legislature to support, make law and foist on the" taxpayers, not governor.

Jennifer is soooo dumb you could probably foist ANYTHING on her."

"The labor-backed group wants Michigan to adopt a graduated income tax, to audit government contracts, to close tax loopholes and giveaways and to "modernize" the state sales tax, according to its Web site,"

An agenda that is straight out of the Communist Manifesto and its accompanying play books by Saul Alinsky, such as "Rules for Radicals", both of which are the bedrock upon which "Progressives" like Granholm, and more importantly, Obama have built their philosophy for RULING the people.

""Our plan was to trade some amount of (labor contract) concessions for REVENUE," says an influential leader of the group familiar with its goals, without characterizing the concessions"

I think I’m going to vomit …


Every time a "Progressive" uses the phrase "trade concessions", the taxpayers better grasp their wallets tightly and strive mightily to retain what little Liberty they have remaining. History proves "trading concessions", as defined by the "Progressives", is really CAPITULATION to their demands.

When are the rational citizens of Michigan going get it through their fat heads that the only interest of "A Better Michigan Future" is to feed the taxpayers to the monster in Lansing and its associated unions and other special interest sycophants – which is the core assumption of "A Better Michigan Future"?

The authors of "A Better Michigan Future" are only "Progressives" who worship government, have no understanding of what it takes to run a profitable business, and make the economy prosper. They believe more government is the solution to all problems, and if that includes inflicting more misery on the taxpayers in doing so, that’s the taxpayers tough luck.

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