China at war with US

There are some foolish people among us who look upon China as a poor, beneficent, harmless country.

If only were that so …

shreddez, Berkley, MI contested the idea that China is at war with us.  Here is my response to his delusion:


It was just two years ago that a top Chinese military official said Beijing would use nuclear weapons against the U.S. if Americans defended Taiwan against an invasion from the mainland. (,0,821657.story)

Chas Freeman, a former U.S. assistant secretary of Defense, said in 1999 that a PLA official had told him China would respond with a nuclear strike on the U.S. in the event of a conflict with Taiwan.,0,4492004,print.story 2/3/2010

"In the end, you care more about Los Angeles than you do about Taipei," Freeman quoted this official as saying.

More recently, we learned of China’s plans for a cyberwar attack on the U.S. to be launched in conjunction with a conventional assault on U.S. carriers in the Pacific. Code-named "Pearl Harbor II" by the Pentagon, the plan was designed to leave America’s key allies in the Pacific – Japan and Taiwan – virtually defenseless. (

BTW, Cyber Attacks from China and its allies have become pandemic across all aspect of the United States infrastructure.

China Rapidly Modernizes for War With U.S. (

Just Google Chinese war us and you’ll get plenty of more examples.

In addition, from Mao on to today, the Chinese have viewed the United States as the single most significant impediment to their control of Asia and the rest of the world.

The Chinese are spending over 15% of their GDP on enlarging their military and its capabilities, and have been increasing that % for the past 10 years, at least.

With their campaign contributions to Clinton, they acquired the designs for the nuclear war-heads necessary for MIRV delivery systems and have developed ICBMs to carry them, to any point on the globe.

They have been suborning and arming a number of Latin American states, with the intent of using them as their surrogates to control the Caribbean and take over (or destroy) the Panama Canal – to deny us access to the Pacific Ocean from the Atlantic.


With their acquisition of more US debt than any other country on the planet, they have made Obama’s grotesque spending plans a national security issue, since, if they demand immediate repayment of that debt, it would destroy us economically.

All of these actions, and others, make it clear China believes it is at war with us, even if Obama (and Bush before him) are too stupid to recognize the activities and threats.

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