Yet ANOTHER so-called “Bi-partisan” group presents their “Progressive” plan to save Michigan (or at least its government)

From the Detroit News: “Spending, tax fixes provide bipartisan fiscal solutions

Yep, that’s all we need to fix our problems. In the middle of Obama’s Depression we need to RAISE TAXES and INCREASE GOVERNMENT SPENDING? Further impoverishing the people while facilitating additional gorging by the government will not (unless God intervenes – and I don’t mean Obama whom some of you view as the appropriate deity) revitalize the economy.

The Detroit News needs to start publishing rebuttals to these INSANE proposals.

First, let us review:

Remember, the definition of "Bipartisan" in today’s political culture is akin to claiming a pile of buffalo dung is different from a pile of ox dung, even though they are both dung and differ in no perceptible fashion. They are both dung, both stink and both are dangerous to human health. They may have different names (e.g. Republican, Democrat) but they are still dung.

The people who created this monstrosity were:

The Legislative Commission on Government Efficiency (LCGE) was created by Act No. 96 of the Public Acts of 2007 and took effect October 1, 2007.

The members of the Commission include the directors of the Senate and House Fiscal Agencies and 7 public members with knowledge of, education in, or experience with the best practices of one or more of the following fields:

  • Organizational efficiency
  • Government operations
  • Public finance
  • Administrative law

You will notice the absences of ANYONE WITH REAL, LIVE BUSINESS EXPERIENCE. They are all political hacks or upper level executive who have never had to meet a payroll or build a business and sustain it. These are people whose solution to any problem is to grow government and pillage the taxpayers.

Here is one of their ‘solutions’:

Local units wishing to provide additional services beyond the level funded by the State should have the authority to levy taxes to fund those services. Options for expansion of this authority include:

  1. Expanding the entities allowed to levy an income tax to include counties, villages and townships
  2. Increasing property tax millage limits
  3. Expanding local sales tax opportunities by constitutional amendment or by allowing greater use of selective sales taxes
  4. Linking specific increases in taxing authority to specific changes in revenue sharing payments (i.e. they recommend a DECREASE in revenue sharing payments so this ‘solution’ would automatically trigger local tax increases.)
  5. Adopting legislation allowing the creation of more regional tax authorities to administer designated sales, income or property taxes. Oh yeah, all we need is more government which requires more taxes to pay for itself which requires more government to administer itself … It NEVER ENDS.
  6. Expanding opportunities for tax base sharing. This is a scheme to transfer taxing obligations across multiple units of government.
  7. Developing constitutional amendments to address the interaction between the Headlee Amendment provisions concerning millage rollbacks and Proposal A changes, such as the development of taxable value caps. Another, desperate attempt by government to eliminate the restraints placed upon it by the rational citizens of Michigan in 1978. A desperate attempt by these government hacks to solve their perceived problems by giving all units of government more taxing authority and destroying the limitations on taxation (especially property taxation) that drive people on a fixed income, or any income (eventually), out of their homes.

Then we’ll have to raise taxes again to

  1. Build more homeless shelters for the people whose property has been taken and their lives have been destroyed because they couldn’t afford to live in their homes or
  2. Account for the flood of people leaving Michigan since they have been taxed out of their homes or are just tired of being raped by the monster in Lansing.

Remember, any "Bipartisan" committee found in today’s political culture is a collection of "Progressive" Republicans and Democrats who, since they claim to be of differing political persuasions due to the difference in their political party "names", are in fact united in their goal of placating their god (the government) by feeding the taxpayers to it and its associated union and other special interest acolytes – which is the core assumption of any " Legislative Commission on Government Efficiency“.

Also remember, every time a "Progressive" uses the phrase " common commitment to seek agreement on solutions", the taxpayers better grasp their wallets tightly and strive mightily to retain what little Liberty they have remaining.  History proves ‘COMMITMENT’, as defined by the "Progressives", is really CAPITULATION to their demands.

The authors of the "Legislative Commission on Government Efficiency" report are only "Progressives" who worship government, have no understanding of what it takes to run a profitable business, and make the economy prosper.  They believe more government is the solution to all problems, and if that includes inflicting more misery on the taxpayers in doing so, that’s the taxpayers tough luck.

As a result, the taxpayers still have to bear the burden created by these piles of dung and the subsequent danger to our economic (and personal) health and prosperity.

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