Granholm pushes plans to build jobs, economy

Regarding Jennifer Granholm’s 03Feb10 "State of the State" speech:

More of the same … Spend, spend, spend the taxpayer’s hard earned money, of which we have less due to Jenny "Blowing Away/ Up" the State’s economy in an orgy of new taxes, poor leadership, the Obama Depression and no meaningful reduction in the size or scope of the State Government.

What we need is to re-write the State Constitution to specifically delegate a minimalist set of constitutionally limited powers to the State by the people. Then we need a new State Constitution that Right Size’s the State Government within those limited (and very much reduced) powers.

Face it. The State Government is wildly out of control, in part because there are no Constitutional Limitations placed upon it in the existing State Constitution and because the politicians and unions view the taxpayers as dupes in a role as an endless source of personal finance and power.

The taxpayers are going to have to make a stand in 2010.

We must reinvent our State Government into a Constitutionally Limited Republic where it is absolutely minimized in size, scope, power and ability to raise and spend our money.

The tax system must be completely altered to eliminate personal property taxes (which are driving people out of their homes and out of the state), Income Taxes and Business Taxes. The "Fair Tax" ( is the best way to provide funding for our State.

As a Constitutionally Limited Republic our State Government must be designed to provide a rich soil for new businesses to locate or relocate in Michigan with absolute assurance they will not be punished by high taxes and a work force that compels all employees to be union members with the associated, byzantine sets of work rules, wage scales, benefits and a lack of education that all combine to make businesses take the attitude "Anywhere But Michigan".

We must also provide these changes as a natural incentive for businesses to want to relocate (or locate) in Michigan, without the need to bribe them using taxpayer money and organizations like the MEDC.

We need a new attitude, new ideas, new methods in Michigan. More of the same will doom our state to a catastrophic economic and social collapse with all the horrors history has shown us that follow such an event.

We must not let these catastrophes happen. We must strive to achieve greatness for our State. We must never be satisfied with the taxpayer rapine, pillaging and political mediocrity that have plagued us for the past 8 years.

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