Supreme Court ruling highlights need for action in Michigan on political spending

The Detroit News proclaims today (04Feb10):

Supreme Court ruling highlights need for action in Michigan on political spending.

Where is Diana Ross when you really need her?

Do you REALLY want to fix this?

If so, stop depending on the Oligarchies in Washington and follow the Constitution. Craft a new Amendment to the US Constitution that specifically delineates the mechanism for, who, and how much, can support candidates with direct contributions or "work in kind" (like running phone banks and robo-calls, both of which should be outlawed – by the way).

The Amendment should require daily updates by every candidate on a specifically formatted website on from whom, and how much, they received that day in direct contributions or "work in kind".

Failure to report as specified should result in a Federal penalty with an automatic disqualification from the election and an automatic (non-negotiable) 5 year prison sentence.

You want to change (or "clarify") the Constitution? Then get off your as* and do the hard work necessary to accomplish your goal(s) within the context provided by the Founders.

Don’t rely on the nine member, black robed oligarchy, called the Supreme Court, or the larger 435 member rats nest called the Congress to do the work you should do.

I personally don’t believe you have the courage or the will to do this. You just want to complain and pass the buck to someone else.

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