Clear runway for Wayne County’s airport city | | The Detroit News

State Sen. Tupac Hunter wants Michigan to “Clear runway for Wayne County’s airport city”, however his appeal is long on hyperbole and very short on facts.

Aerotropolis is a proposed airport city encompassing about 60,000 acres of land. It involves the clustering of air-commerce-linked businesses surrounding the airports.

One of the terrifying aspects of this proposal is its potential to have a huge, negative environmental impact on the communities surrounding this "Aerotropolis".

In particular, the increase in volume, size and flight paths of the large commercial aircraft that would be involved, would, for example, seriously increase noise pollution and, as a result, reduce property values even further than they have been reduced by the Barney Frank (D-MA)/ Chris Dodd (D-CT) housing catastrophe.

The destruction of property values and the forced relocation of citizens of Romulus, all located just south of the recent Detroit Metro expansion project, is just one example of the potential for devastation of a project of this type and scope.

While the estimates of job "creation", economic "activity" and taxes for the government are interesting, such estimates are invariably overestimated by the government to justify large outlays of tax dollars and associated tax increases (just look to Obama for many examples) and to secure public support.

In addition, there is no mention of the costs to the taxpayers – both the normal huge costs associated with the startup of these state run enterprises as well as the ongoing costs of maintenance, repair, labor union irrationality, and corruption (as we have seen at Detroit Metro Airport over the past several years).

So, in an economically devastated and desperate state like Michigan, this proposal might sound enticing, much more independent economic analyses and regionally expansive environmental impact analyses must be performed and vetted BEFORE the potential negative impacts are imposed on Michigan residents and precious taxpayer dollars are committed.

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