Granholm’s budget has too much in new taxes, not enough in cuts

Editorial: Granholm’s budget has solid cuts, too much in new taxes | | The Detroit News

Only an insane person raises taxes during a depression.

There is plenty of structural waste in the State Government that can be cut to allow immediate tax cuts.

A ‘phased reduction’ in taxes is an oxymoron. It has been shown to be a lie perpetrated by tax hungry politicians on the taxpayers to fool the taxpayers into believing their tax burden will go down, when in fact it will (and has) gone up.

Remember the promised, phased reduction in the income tax? Granholm and her minions destroyed that promise almost immediately upon taking office.

Granholm and her supporters are proven liars who cannot be trusted to do anything except continue to grow government and enhance their personal power at the cost of the destruction of Michigan’s economy and Michigan’s taxpayers.

Reduce the size and scope of the State Government to its minimal, functional requirements (i.e. police protection, infrastructure construct/ maintenance, etc.) and eliminate everything else. When that is done, there will be no need for any tax INCREASES.

Indeed, when the government is reduce to its minimal, functional requirements, taxes should be immediately reduced and/ or eliminated.

Remember, more government is not the solution of Michigan’s problems. More government is the CAUSE of Michigan’s problems.

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