Granholm’s 2010 Budget – a Reply to linkup of Brownstown, MI

linkup, Brownstown, MI

As usual you "Progressives" get the question a*s backwards.

To all the anti-tax comments, how would you balance the budget while providing services?

I’d do like I have in my own life. I’d cut services and make sacrifices to meet my income. I have reduced my use of electricity, I have gone from two cars to one – the list continues to grow and will get worse when Obama bin Laden raises taxes next year on ALL Americans, breaking yet another campaign pledge not to raise taxes on anyone earning less than $250,000/ year.

The state budget is full of unnecessary spending, most of which serves only to placate a specific politicians constituency so that he/ she get’s re-elected.

For example:

1) Post-retirement health care benefits to state retirees of working age

2) Gross overpayment of teachers, none of which goes into the classrooms but all of which goes into teacher benefits

3) An obscenely lucrative pension plan that is far in excess of anything workers in the private sector obtain

4) The Michigan Home Based Child Care Council, created by the Michigan Department of Human Services and Mott Community College, appears to be active, even as the Governor’s Office, the DHS and the MHBCCC refuse to explain how. They claim it was "defunded" but only in Lansing can defunded be redefined as "providing funds through some back channel not obvious to the taxpayers or other law makers.

5) The state could achieve at least $557 million in first-year savings by enrolling state and public school employees in insurance plans based on health savings accounts. The projected total savings from this shift would grow to almost $32 billion through 2021. However, the Governor and the affected state and public school employees refuse to even CONSIDER this proposal.

Those are only a few examples of how we could downsize government to live within its means – just like we, the citizens of the state, must do.

However, in a state run by "Progressives" zealots like ‘linkup, in Brownstown, MI’ and the union fanatics like the head of the MEA, who stated publically "I don’t care about the children. All I care about is getting better wages and benefits for my union members". Michigan will remain a state with the nation’s highest unemployment, a $1.87 billion (and increasing) budget overspending crisis and a political class whose only solution to any problem is to make the government bigger.

All the while telling the taxpayers, like the rapist tells his victim, you might as well just lay back and enjoy it because I’m going to screw you anyway.

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