State lawmakers work on bills to limit property seizures by police | | The Detroit News

State lawmakers work on bills to limit property seizures by police | | The Detroit News

The 14th Amendment to the Constitution protects Americans from unreasonable search and seizure of their person or property. What the Police are doing in Detroit is an ABOMINATION!

In the United States, criminal prosecutions and civil cases are generally governed by explicit guarantees of procedural rights under the Bill of Rights. Most of these rights have been incorporated under the Fourteenth Amendment to the States.

Among those rights is the constitutional right to procedural due process, which has been broadly construed to protect the individual so that statutes, regulations, and enforcement actions must ensure that no one is deprived of "life, liberty, or property" without a fair opportunity to affect the judgment or result.

This protection extends to all government proceedings that can result in an individual’s deprivation, whether civil or criminal in nature, from parole violation hearings to administrative hearings regarding government benefits and entitlements to full-blown criminal trials

At a basic level, procedural due process is essentially based on the concept of "fundamental fairness." For example, in 1934, the United States Supreme Court held that due process is violated "if a practice or rule offends some principle of justice so rooted in the traditions and conscience of our people as to be ranked as fundamental".

<b>As construed by the courts, it includes an individual’s right to be adequately notified of charges or proceedings, the opportunity to be heard at these proceedings, and that the person or panel making the final decision over the proceedings be impartial in regards to the matter before them – i.e. the Police can’t steal someone’s property without a review by an appropriate court in which the individual has qualified legal representation.</b>

Or, to put it more simply, where an individual is facing a (1) deprivation of (2) life, liberty, or property, (3) procedural due process mandates that he or she is entitled to adequate notice, a hearing, and a neutral judge.

Why don’t these State "Lawmakers" concentrate their efforts on the enforcement and prosecution of these arrogant criminals in the Detroit police force, who believe any American who has the nerve to enter the city of Detroit is their prey and is subject to any abuse they wish to apply to them?

These so called "Police Officers" who are "to Protect and Serve" are not hired to protect themselves and serve their own bank accounts. They are hired to "Protect and Serve" people who come to Detroit to live there or just visit as tourists.

If these so called "Police Officers" deliberately abuse their positions of trust, they are no better than any other criminals in Detroit. These so called "Police Officers" should be forced to join the other criminals in prison as a just sentence for their predations on innocent citizens.

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