Senator would require auto dealers to disclose recalls before sale | | The Detroit News

Senator would require auto dealers to disclose recalls before sale | | The Detroit News

The nanny state is moving into high gear.

All of those evil capitalists cannot be trusted to provide the consumers with a quality product. Washington, with its impeccable record of morality, integrity, ethics, and lack of any conflicts of interest is the only hope for us mud people – all of whom need the government to be our nannies and control our lives because we are too stupid to make our own decisions.

Obama and Schumer are desperate to force more government down our throats before they lose their control of Congress in November.

How long will it be before the government has a law that requires the makers of beds to provide nightly inspection services so our children can be sure there are no monsters hiding underneath them?

This is only the beginning of Obama’s use of the Federal Government to wage war against all Government Agency competitors. Businesses today are doing nothing they have not been doing for many years.

Yes, problems with products have been (and are being) encountered, but rational people (and there were some in the government until Obama decided to use it as his tool to destroy the competitors of every nationalized manufacturer) project the probability of occurrence and the severity of consequences. Then, historically, the government and the manufacturer(s) have decided on a rational solution to the problem that fixes the problem and do not attempt to deliberately terrify everyone who owns that entire brand of product.

However, in the world of Obama (and Schumer), ANY possible defect, no matter how minor, offers yet another opportunity to terrify product owners, using the state control media and government demonization of the competitor to the government nationalized company, in a deliberate attempt to drive all of the market to Government nationalized producers, by claiming all of the government producers never have any problems.

Government producers have just as many, if not more, problems than all the other product makers. However, it is just not in Obama’s plan to destroy Capitalism to allow the facts to get in the way of his lust for a totalitarian state with himself as its overseer.

Obama has specifically stated that Capitalism is evil. Through his forced nationalization of the car companies and then his destruction of their remaining competitors, using a phony series of government regulatory ‘findings’, he will make sure Capitalism never raises its ugly (to him) head in that market, again.

One-by-one Obama and his sycophants will destroy all government competitors, using lies, half truths, and even rumors to allow the Federal Government to create false claims of safety, emissions, and other problems and use these to crush any opposition to the State Controlled company and insure it becomes a monopoly in the country.

Then we can expect the same treatment by the new car monopoly we currently get from the other government monopolies (like cable, gas, electric, water, etc.) This treatment will be endless decays in quality, delays in service, with corresponding eternal increases in prices and taxes to support the new, car monopoly.

There is NOTHING Obama will not do to destroy our economy and our way of life.

From The Detroit News:

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