ACLU sues Detroit Police over raid where 44 cars seized | | The Detroit News

ACLU sues Detroit Police over raid where 44 cars seized | | The Detroit News

The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit in federal court today on behalf of partygoers whose vehicles were seized by Detroit Police during a 2008 raid at an art gallery.

The raid of "Funk Night," a dance party at the Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit in May 2008, resulted in 130 loitering tickets issued and 44 cars seized — including the vehicle of a patron that was parked several blocks away from the gallery on Rosa Parks.

At an ART GALLERY??!!  20 years ago I would have said “unbelievable”.  In today’s police state mentality I’m surprised the Detroit Police “Officers” didn’t shoot every 10th person and then claim “self-defense”.

However, it is nice to see the ACLU is (for once) actually trying to protect the rights of normal citizens, rather than perverts, illegal aliens, and the other rubbish for whom they usually work.

ACLU attorney Michael Steinberg called the practice "the ultimate Motor City shakedown."

"In a free country the police cannot seize property from innocent people and hold it for a $900 ransom," Steinberg said. "The Bill of Rights exists to prevent abuse of this kind. Our position is that the (partygoers) were unconstitutionally arrested, and that the police department unconstitutionally seized their vehicles."

Steinberg’s assumption we live in a "free country" is laughable. The Police State of Detroit is an excellent example of the "Obamaization " of our country. The ultimate goal of Obama et al is to apply this same "government" to the entire country.

By the time Obama and his minions are done with US, we’ll look back on the Gulags in the USSR as havens of peace and prosperity.

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