Tax battles may drive voters to the polls | | The Detroit News

Tax battles may drive voters to the polls | | The Detroit News

Director of Elections Joe Rozell attributed the projected higher Tuesday turnout to the economy.

"Everybody is tightening their belts, and this has the potential to increase what folks are already paying, so they’re keeping a close eye on what they’re spending."

Not true.

The politicians, governmental units and associated personnel are merely raising taxes on us common folk. They are NOT "tightening" THEIR belts. They continue to parasitically live ‘high off the hog’ using our hard earned money while we sweat and bleed to survive.

While us common folk must resort to reducing our standard of living when times get tough, these government parasites can’t even conceive of that possibility for themselves. Government response to hard economic times is ALWAYS to raise taxes. The concept of reductions in spending, like we must undertake, is completely foreign and distasteful to them.

There’s also what Rozell described as the flip side: "If it doesn’t pass, maybe people will be concerned about potential service cuts."

Ah, the usual ‘service cut’ threat from the government parasites. They try to instill fear in the public, to force approval of higher taxes, by threatening to cut police, fire, key educational programs, etc. but they never seem to get around to actually cutting out the wasteful spending on things like ‘fact finding’ trips, hiring of political cronies, programs that are targeted to pay-off specific constituents, programs that are not within the essential scope of government or education, etc.

Reduce government to it’s essential (limited) scope and function (a concept alien to government parasites) and tax increases will not be required. In fact, tax CUTS could possibly occur – if anyone who is honest ever gets elected.

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