‘Woman’s Last Stand’ answers Super Bowl ad | detnews.com | The Detroit News

‘Woman’s Last Stand’ answers Super Bowl ad | detnews.com | The Detroit News

Marney Rich Keenan is pathetic and so is this demeaning, so-called "parody".  This is a hate filled "parody" that does nothing but expose the visceral loathing some women (thankfully, not including my wife) feel for men.

This kind of hatred expressed by any group of people for any other group of people is wrong.

The hypocrisy shown by Marney Rich Keenan and the "women" who made this "parody" is blatant.  If the situation was reversed they’d be screaming about "sexism" and "eevviill gender bias".

Well, they’ve demonstrated both, in Marney Rich Keenan’s article and in the so-called "parody".  Marney Rich Keenan’s article and the so-called "parody" make me nauseous.  There is absolutely nothing amusing about either.  They only evoke antipathy and resentment which serves no positive purpose in today’s society.  They are both symptomatic of the divisiveness inculcated into our culture by the "Progressives" and their allies the "Feminists".

In the current Obama/ Bush Depression, stoking the fires of feelings that divide us is an inflammatory exercise that will not help make our lives better in any way. 

Marney Rich Keenan, and the pathetic "women" who are so filled with hatred (and effectively communicated it with their "parody") should re-examine their priorities and perhaps try to make our society a better place, rather than pulling it down deeper into the hate filled, socio-economic muck manifested by this "parody".  A muck which is actively pursued by Obama and the other "Progressives" who wish to destroy our economy, our way of life, and our country.

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