House panel pulls contested Toyota documents from Web site | | The Detroit News

House panel pulls contested Toyota documents from Web site | | The Detroit News

The posting and utilization of unverified "documents" that claim there are "design flaws and failures" that any company management may have ignored are an unethical pretense at best, irresponsible and defaming acts at worst. 

A spokeswoman for Representative Towns (D NY), Jenny Rosenberg, said the committee was trying to verify whether they came from Toyota.

An ethical person (or group) would verify the content of the documents and then, if true, publish them.  Without verification, the so-called "information" in these "documents" is garbage.  Its publication without verification is an act worthy of Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda of Hitler’s Third Reich. 

This behavior by Towns (D-NY) just goes to prove the thesis that the Obama administration (and his minions in Congress and the Federal agencies) are actively seeking to smear and destroy the competition of Government Motors (GM) by any means possible – including lies, defamation, scummy policy manipulation, and dirty, smoke-filled back-room political dealings.

Also, so-called "unintended acceleration" that the author (and others) whines about endlessly has repeatedly been shown to be caused by driver error.  Drivers don’t look at where they are placing their feet, hit the accelerator (rather than the brake), panic when the car does the opposite of what they expect and they push harder (on the accelerator) because they are too stupid to look down, see what they are doing and then hit the brake.

This driver error has been observed across all vehicle manufactures and most vehicle lines.  It is not unique to any manufacturer (i.e. Toyota) and any such claim is a lie.

You will also notice that the Obama Administration has yet to investigate the thousands of murders committed by NHTSA when it (Joan Claybrook) forced the auto companies to put high-powered air bags in vehicles when they were fully aware that the deployment of these high-powered airbags would kill children and small adults.  As a result, thousands of children and small adults died with no consequences to NHTSA or its management, especially its Director, Joan Claybrook.

Of course, since Obama worships government as his god, he will never admit it can do anything wrong. So, don’t expect any justice to be delivered to these victims of big government and NHTSA.

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