DFT: Greed destroys Bobb’s credibility | detnews.com | The Detroit News

 DFT: Greed destroys Bobb’s credibility | detnews.com | The Detroit News

The only ‘greed’ active in the Detroit Public School (DPS) system is that of the Detroit Federation of Teachers (DFT).

These are the people who have destroyed the future of at least two generations of Detroit children through their incompetence, greedy, singular focus on lining their own pockets for their current enrichment and pensions, and greedy refusal to moderate their salary and benefit demands so some of the increases in educational spending actually get to the children in the classrooms (Today, no increase in spending gets to the classroom.  They are all consumed by the ‘teachers’ and related personnel.)

These are the people who have repeatedly declared (through their Union president) "We don’t give a d**n about the children.  All we care about are increases in wages and benefits for the members of our union."  They continually engage in illegal strikes to achieve this goal, holding the children of Detroit hostage to extort these increases in wages and benefits from an already impoverished community.

Keith R. Johnson is a d**n hypocrite whose greed is only exceeded by his incompetence and chutzpah.  Detroit ‘teachers’ are among the highest paid in the country but produce students that have been shown to be the worst educated. 

Johnson whines about Bobb’s salary being above the national average.  Bobb has done an amazing job of getting the DPS headed in the correct direction, that is focused on the education of Detroit children, not the enrichment of Detroit union leaders and teachers.  Bobb spends far more time and effort doing his job than any union leader or teacher.  He’s earned his money.  The same cannot be said about the union leadership like Johnson and the teachers.

If Johnson wants to complain about ‘greed’ then let him lead by example.  He should decline any salary and benefits from his position as President of the DFT and should insist the teachers of Detroit be paid no more than the national average pay for teachers – less if they continue to produce students that demonstrate they are the least educated in the country.

Then, perhaps, his whining will reek less of the stench of hypocrisy.

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