Remaking Detroit Education | | The Detroit News

Remaking Detroit Education | | The Detroit News

While I applaud Amber’s interest in making the Detroit Schools into the educational institutions and centers of excellence they once were (40 years ago), as well as her realization that the Detroit Public Schools (DPS) Board and its continuing criminal actions and cronyism are ONE of the roots of the DPS problems, her appeal to get the Federal Government involved is misguided at best, ignorant at worst.

Who do you think was responsible for the destruction of our once proud city?  It was the pinheaded bureaucrats in Washington who imposed their "one size fits all" Great Society, War on Poverty, and Urban ‘Renewal’ programs – none of which were among the powers delegated to the Federal Government by the Constitution.

Between these three programs, the Feds ripped apart cohesive, self-supporting neighborhoods (via the ‘freeway systems’), incentivized the lazy to not engage in productive work (although it was a boon for the pimps, whores and dope dealers – including opportunistic politicians), and forced the poor into Federally funded ghettos (or ‘projects’) with no thought to the FACT that, if one gives something to someone who has no responsibility to maintain or improve it, as the object decays into ruin, they inevitably say "It’s not my responsibility.  Let the other guy (i.e. the government) fix it.  

Well, the Projects fell into ruin and became centers of the worst kind of crime and corruption imaginable.

All of these misguided, and centrally planned (by the Federal Government) programs generally created a culture of crime, corruption, decay and blight that was the genesis for the massive exodus of citizens and businesses from Detroit.

Every country that has tried this "centrally planned" approach to the resolution of any domestic problem (e.g. the USSR, China, etc.) has failed, miserably.  Haven’t you learned ANYTHING from history?

Let the Federal Government be constrained (as the Founders planned) to the specific powers delegated to it in the Constitution.  It is the State’s and City’s responsibility to solve their own problems – not the Federal Government.

Remember what George Washington told us "Government is not reason; it is not eloquent; it is force. Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."

Getting the Federal Government involved will just generate even more fearful catastrophes.

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