Man held in threat to GOP’s Cantor – Obama Bolshevism In Action

Man held in threat to GOP’s Cantor | | The Detroit News

A Philadelphia man charged with threatening the No. 2 Republican in the House was ordered held without bail Monday pending a mental evaluation after authorities said he tried to post an Internet video that called the congressman the devil.

Norman Leboon, 38, made a video last week that threatened Rep. Eric Cantor of Virginia, according to a sworn statement. In the video, Leboon called Cantor "pure evil" and made threatening statements about Cantor’s wife, authorities said.

Of course, the “authorities” do not publish the so-called “threatening statements” about Cantor’s wife.  They must be as absurdly non-threatening as Leboon calling Cantor the ‘devil’.  However, the Obama Bolsheviks are so fearful of active public resistance to their actions to convert what used to be our Constitutionally Limited Republic to their desired Bolshevik ‘paradise’, they will invent any excuse, use any method (including violence) to stifle any dissent to their tyrannical actions.

It would appear that “freedom of speech” has truly been reduced to “freedom of Obama Bolshevik speech” with any dissenting speech being deemed a crime, indeed a crime of violence if there is any way the Obama Bolshevik’s can twist it to that purpose.

The use of the “mental illness” excuse is a chilling reminder of the other Bolshevik states in history (like the Soviet Union and China).  They, like Obama’s Bolshevik’s, were convinced that anyone who opposed their obvious, enslaving beneficence must be insane.  Thus, they used the mental ‘health’ system to imprison, torture and “re-educate” their opponents in an effort to instill fear into the rest of the population to keep them silent and resigned to their slave status in the new society.

Obama and his Bolshevik thugs are assuming that the reaction of the American people to his imposition of Bolshevik tyranny is merely anger.  If that was so, he believes, it will subside in time for the elections in November.

He is wrong.

His continuing actions (including the use of the FBI and other police actions to stifle dissent) are engendering anger, but his continuing arrogance, and imposition of Bolshevik tyranny, are transforming that anger into hate.  Hate does not dissipate like anger.  It lasts for generations (just look to the Middle East, Ireland, etc.). It is this hate that will drive the November elections and ensure the tyranny of Obama is expunged from our country and our freedom restored.

We must not be cowed into fearful acceptance of the slave status Obama and his Bolsheviks are forcing upon us.

For as long as we can, we must let our voices of resistance be heard and felt.  We cannot surrender the freedoms of ourselves, our children and our posterity to the Obama Bolshevik thugs who are trying to destroy it.

Tyranny must be resisted by all means necessary.

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