Obama, world leaders work to stop nuclear spread

This is absurd.  Why would anyone who has the knowledge to build nuclear weapons (and/or generate fissile materials), and the penchant to hate the United States (for example, CHINA!), agree to not facilitate the abilities of their proxy states and terrorist groups to threaten or use these weapons against us?  When this happens (and it will – History is full of examples of the use of proxy states as deadly tools by one country against another), what is the dictator Obama going to say?  “Whoops, I guess I was wrong.  Sorry my stupidity and naiveté was the cause for millions of dead people.”
When it comes to Foreign Policy,Obama would make a great janitor.  The dictator’s lack of any kind of grasp on reality when it comes to dealing with other countries is mind boggling.
As far the Russia’s willingness to “dispose” of the weapons grade Plutonium it has been hoarding for years, yeah they’ll “dispose” of it.  They’ll dispose of it by selling or giving it to their proxy states and terrorist groups to use against us and our allies.
Obama is a Foreign Policy moron whose ignorance is so expansive he cannot conceive of the fact he cannot treat the rest of the world with the same Chicago Style politics he is imposing on our country.  Obama represents a clear and present danger to our country and should be treated as such.

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