SEC staffers watched pornography as economy crashed

SEC staffers watched pornography as economy crashed | | The Detroit News

And this is the same government that says they will manage/ control the world’s best health care system?!

When will they have time since their primary focus will be upon performing perversion in their ‘work’ place?

They will be just as ‘capable’ as

  1. these perverts at the SEC,
  2. the incompetents at the FBI, CIA, NSA (and other alphabet agencies – who murder innocent citizens),
  3. the Social Security Administration that continues to send benefit checks to dead or otherwise ineligible people,
  4. the US Post Office that can’t make money (and couldn’t, even if they sold girls on an Army base) and continuously raises their prices
  5. NHSTA who insists on passing regulations that they know will cause the deaths of thousands of innocent people and drive up the cost of cars far beyond the reach of the average citizen,
  6. the EPA which blindly follows the Obama Bolshevik political agenda by insisting on regulating CO2 emissions (even in the face of absolute, scientific evidence CO2 is not causing any problems and in the face that their own, politically skewed models show that the EPA regulations, even if CO2 was causing ‘global warming’, would only decrease its effect by 0.05 degrees Centigrade)
  7. AMTRACK which cannot make money (see 4.)
  8. Any every other Federal Agency that presumes it can be an ‘effective business’.

The supporters of Obama’s illegal takeover of the health care industry are just, as Vladimir Lenin used to describe, ‘useful idiots’, who will learn, to the extreme detriment of themselves and their fellow citizens, that they were being used only as a vehicle for Obama to seize power to which the government IS NOT ENTITLED by the Constitution.  They will be lucky to survive the consequences of their stupidity, as will the rest of us, as the quality of our health care sinks to that offered by other governments like the United Kingdom, Canada, North Korea, and Zimbabwe.

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