Obamacare In Action – In Army’s Trauma Care Units, Feeling Warehouse

In Army’s Trauma Care Units, Feeling Warehoused – NYTimes.com

This is what the future holds for all of us.  It’s all due to the insatiable lust for power of Obama and his Bolshevik sycophants (so-called ‘Liberals’ or ‘Progressives’) in BOTH PARTIES) who voted for his heath “care” monstrosity.

Aren’t you people who voted for this tyrant just looking forward to the abuse and neglect you and your families are going to suffer at the hands of medical ‘professionals’ running the government controlled health care ‘system’?

It’s too bad we all have to suffer for your naiveté, stupidity, and gullibility.

I’d say you all (who voted for this monster) make me sick but in Obamacare that’s tantamount to wishing for death, and I’m not ready for that yet. 

Perhaps Obama’s demise in the “health care” system of his own devising will be the vengeance God visits on Obama for his monstrous, evil, and totally destructive, Chicago-style political behavior he has inflicted upon us as the self-proclaimed ruler of the Peoples Republic of the United States.

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