DDT: From wonder chemical to environmental pariah — and back again

Barbara Hollingsworth: From wonder chemical to environmental pariah — and back again | Washington Examiner

Donald Roberts and Richard Tren do more than merely defend the banned and much maligned insecticide. In their new book, "The Excellent Powder," they boldly call the widespread withdrawal of DDT a "public health disaster" and urge its reintroduction until a similarly effective substance to battle malaria is found.

Malaria kills about 1 million people annually, according to the World Health Organization. Because most of these deaths are preventable, Roberts and Tren insist that anti-DDT groups like Greenpeace, the Environmental Defense Fund and the Sierra Club be held responsible for them.

Roberts, a professor of tropical medicine at the Uniformed Services University in Bethesda, and Tren, an economist who heads the nonprofit Africa Fighting Malaria lobbying group, say that opposition to DDT is based on an "almost endless list of claims, most of which have no scientific basis."

The eco-Nazis who have been responsible for demonizing DDT should be held PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE for every death their environmental religious zealotry has caused.  Every monument to them (and especially Rachel Carson) should be torn down, ground to dust and then defecated on.

They (and their families) should all be forced to live in the areas of the world with the highest rates of Malarial occurrence and NOT allowed access to any insecticide of any type, especially DDT.

Let’s see how much they like it when they watch themselves, their spouses and children die from a disease they (the eco-Nazis) refuse to allow to be prevented.

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