Senators, investigate yourselves – Carl Levin and his Soviet Style Circus

 Senators, investigate yourselves | | The Detroit News

Mr. Finley,

My compliments on your article.

One thing you failed to mention was Levin’s petulant, bullying, and obscene tantrum that he performed during the hearing for Goldman Sachs. His obscenity laced, vitriolic performance was an embarrassment to the State of Michigan and the constituents he purports to represent. It was more representative of the “show trials” held in the Soviet Union than any rational, dignified, investigative hearing that should be held in the United States.

I would expect better behavior from a 10 year old child. However, perhaps the limited vocabulary he exhibited is just representative of his limited intellectual capability – a typical characteristic of a bully.

In any event, as I told his office, he should apologize to his constituents for his “performance” at the hearings and then resign. We certainly couldn’t get worse, more immature, more tyrannical representation, unless he was replaced by an Obama clone.

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