The American Police State in Action – Family grieves death of girl, 7, in police raid

 Family grieves death of girl, 7, in police raid | | The Detroit News

Welcome to America. The land in which police have been given an unrestricted license to kill – with no consequences to the murderers when they make a “mistake”.

Saddam Hussein would feel right at home here.

Some “mistakes” are not allowable – even once. There is no possible excuse for the cop’s actions. The attempt by the police spokesman to blame the child’s grandmother is a disgusting and pathetic attempt to deflect blame and responsibility.

The police should “man up” – take responsibility for their murderous actions and accept the terminal consequences for what they’ve done.

The cop who murdered this child should be taken out and shot, today. Show him the same consideration he showed the 7 year old, sleeping, innocent child.

In addition, "no-knock" warrants must be banned and all police action must be recorded on video (by an independent third party) to provide a permanent record of actual police behavior. This is the only way police behavior can be accurately monitored, controlled and police can be held accountable for their abuse of their authority, when it occurs – as in this horrific case.

The need for independent monitoring is clearly manifested by the nauseating attempt by the police spokesman to attempt to provide a sordid cover-up for the police, by stating they "announced themselves and they have a witness to ‘prove it’". This attempted cover-up is an appalling display of the contempt these animals hold for the citizens they have sworn to "protect and serve".

The only "protection" and "service" they provided the innocent 7 year old child was to send her to Heaven, where she can no longer be threatened, abused and ultimately murdered by the members of the Detroit Police State.

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