Detroit education a disaster cause by the teacher’s union and the school board

 Editorial: Detroit education a disaster | | The Detroit News

It’s no surprise that in a school district where the majority of students can’t add or subtract, they can’t read either. So the results of the National Assessment of Education Progress report, released Thursday, were anticipated. But it doesn’t make them any easier to accept.

The test, dubbed the Nation’s Report Card by its sponsor, the U.S. Department of Education, finds that fourth- and eighth-graders in Detroit Public Schools are the worst in the nation in reading scores. Students in both grades scored well below both the national average and the average for large cities.

The results mirror an earlier report on math scores. As with the math scores, the reading scores are the worst in the 40-year history of the test. They serve as an indictment of the performance of the Detroit school district,…

There’s no excuse for such dismal performance, and no explanation other than the school system and the community have been so focused on adult interests that they’ve neglected the core responsibility of educating children.


The Detroit Teacher’s Union, in league with the Detroit School Board, have deliberately destroyed the future of over two generations (and counting) of Detroit’s children – just so the union and board members could enrich themselves.

Once again the trust the public has placed in public officials and employees has been horribly abused. 

This is appalling behavior, and in better times would have resulted in the tarring, feathering, and riding out of town on a rail all the union and board members by justifiably enraged parents and guardians.

The Michigan Constitution should be amended so that ANY public official or employee who violates the public trust is considered to be committing a criminal act.  It should require they be suspended from their job (without pay), tried in open court and when convicted, be fired from their job and be placed in prison for not less than five years.  Upon release from prison, they should also be forbidden from holding any other job in the public sector – in perpetuity.

Until these monsters (so-called ‘public servants’) are made fully aware that there will be life altering consequences for their abusive treatment of the public, their self-serving destruction of the lives of their constituents will only get worse and we will suffer more – especially our children.

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