“Emergency” Bill to Close Tax ‘Loopholes’ Eliminates Promised Cuts In Medicare

CNSNews.com – Emergency Bill to Close Tax ‘Loopholes’ Includes $46 Million Tax Loophole for Hollywood Movie Makers

The major provisions in the 433-page bill—which are considered “emergencies” by Congress–would extend unemployment benefits, extend government subsidies for COBRA health insurance premiums, and prevent doctors from being hit with a dramatic cut in Medicare reimbursement rates that would kick in under current law if this bill were not enacted.

This Medicare cut is the $500 billion reduction in Medicare that was part of Obama’s so-called “Health Care Reform”.  It was the provision that allowed Obama (and his ‘Progressive’ sycophants) to claim the so-called “Health Care Reform” act would ‘reduce’ the deficit.

Cuts to Medicare spending have been routinely proposed, passed, and then repealed for the past two decades.  As long as power mad Bolsheviks like Obama, Pelosi, Reid, and their ‘Progressive’ sycophants continue to ‘rule’ (their description of how they govern – not mine) the country, MEDICARE (and the rest of government spending) WILL NEVER BE CUT.  It will only expand.

Until the voting public finally gets this through their thick skulls and eliminates Obama et al, our country is headed down the slope to becoming another Greece – with no one to save us.

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