Despite lobbying, DRIC future uncertain. Economic idiots in Lansing are worried.

 Despite lobbying, DRIC future uncertain | | The Detroit News

Dillon said:

"The Senate seems to be standing firm. I don’t know if it’ll get done," he said. "And I don’t understand why. This is the purest form of competition."

That is truly scary. It clearly underscores the fact that Dillon has no business experience, no business sense, and no idea about how private enterprise/ capitalism works.

Competition, in a capitalist society, requires one of many PRIVATELY OWNED COMPANIES working, in a cost effective privately managed process, to become victorious in achieving an economic goal.

Only in a totalitarian society (Bolshevik (a la Obama) or Socialist (a la Dillon)) would anyone believe that government involvement represents ‘the purest form of competition’. Government, since it controls the money supply, can access the finances of anyone in the public domain, can impose crippling legal sanctions, restrictions, or even imprisonment on a private firm against which it is ‘competing’, thus, by definition, cannot be a ‘competitor’. It can only be a Dictator.

We do not need a publically funded DRIC. And, even more importantly, we do not need business morons like Dillon in government, at ANY level, especially not governor.

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