Judge overseeing Detroit reforms orders fines

 The Detroit News Online

DETROIT (AP) — An angry judge has ordered $1,000-a-day fines against the city of Detroit for failing to come up with a plan to reduce a backlog of complaints against police.

U.S. District Judge Julian Abele Cook Jr. said Thursday the fines would start Friday and cover every business day until the city has a plan to clear the backlog and devise a case-management system.

He says the city’s attitude has been "cavalier and lackadaisical."

Since 2003, the police department has been operating under two consent decrees, including one that deals with the use of force.

Outside court, Deputy Mayor Saul Green said the city is days away from coming up with a plan. He declined to comment on the fines.

Detroit officials will get help next week from an expert.

Fining a bankrupt city.  What a useless gesture.

What this idiot judge should do is throw the Mayor, the City Council and Chief of Police INTO jail for 30 days as punishment for not meeting their legal obligations with regard to the police department.

After they are released, they should get 30 days to produce evidence that they have actually implemented the legal requirements (not a plan about how they think they will do it, but actual, measurable results).

If they cannot do that, then back into jail for 60 days.

Keep up this cycle, increasing jail time by 30 days at a time, until the mayor, Mayor, the City Council and Chief of Police finally realize they have to ACCOMPLISH the reforms, not just ‘plan’ them or ‘discuss’ them.

There is a difference between activity and work.  Activity just generates motion and obscuring dust.  Work generates actual, measurable results.

Apparently the Mayor, the City Council and Chief of Police do not know the difference.

Action, like that outlined above, will teach them the difference and fix the problem.

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