Detroit bus drivers stage apparent ‘sick-out’

Detroit bus drivers stage apparent ‘sick-out’ | | Detroit Free Press

Unions were needed in the 1930’s. Today, all the unions do is parasitically suck the life out of businesses, especially small business, and violently impose unrealistic cost structures that cause good people to lose jobs.

Public sector unions, forced unionization (i.e. "Card Check") by Congress and compulsorily arbitrations, will lead to the future destruction of our economy through Union and Politician collusion and greed.

Nothing could be better evidence of that than the MEA contracts that force the School systems to pay the highest possible wage to their local president while relieving him/her of ANY "teaching" duties.

Unions have far exceeded their usefulness to the working class and are leading to its destruction. The vast majority of jobs that are being lost to other countries are directly attributable to the greed and unreasonable working restrictions imposed by unions on employers.

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