Visteon Shareholders Call For Rival Ch. 11 Plan

Visteon Shareholders Call For Rival Ch. 11 Plan – Law360


These so-called “shareholders” are nothing but a bunch of Ebenezer Scrooge wanna-be’s who are trying to hold Visteon hostage, by delaying Visteon’s exit from bankruptcy, to extort more money than they are due. 

These so-called “shareholders” deliberately took a risk when they invested in this company before, after, and during its declaration of bankruptcy.  Now, they are making manifest their extreme greed by trying to acquire a usurious return on their investment by frantically trying to blackmail the company and its true stake-holders into feeding these insatiable jerks more money to make them go away.

These "shareholders" probably would have bought stock in the Lindberg’s kidnapper if he had offered an IPO and then would have sued the police for his arrest, since it would have reduced the value of their "asset".

These so-called “shareholders” are the financial pond scum that give Capitalism a bad name.

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